Opinion: Global warming is a farce

global-warmingBy Jesse Garwick

Global warming is a hot topic in current events. I find that most people who just accept it as fact haven’t looked at the “Big Picture.”

Two questions must be answered, “Is global warming really happening?” and “If it is, are humans responsible?”

Global warming is global, obviously. You can’t just look at your local weather or even just weather in your own country: the entire world’s climate must be taken into account. It could be warm and dry one location and cold and wet in another.

There are many different factors that affect the Earth’s climate, not just Co2 emissions from humans. The biggest factor is the sun. According to Climate and Weather (climateandweather.net), factors that influence the climate are Elevation/Altitude, global wind patterns, the angle of the sun’s rays, Topography, Geography and the surface of the Earth, and cold and warm periods/climate change over time.

The sun’s activity is relatively constant when compared to other stars, but still fluctuates in temperature. That, along with the constantly changing angle at which the sun’s rays hit the Earth, can be a huge factor on the Earth’s atmosphere.

So it’s logical to say that humans are not the only influences on the climate.

The charts from therionotreline.com below show the connection between the artic temperature and CO2, and the connection between Artic temperature and Solar activity over the past 130 years.  The Temperature curve tends to follow the solar pattern rather than the CO2.

Also notice that the measurements are in increments of degrees centigrade. The average temperature is still pretty constant.

We are in a period of higher solar activity, and a warm cycle in the average global temperature.

I am not denying that the climate is changing, it always has: It’s a natural process. But this is mainly due to solar activity, not CO2.

This does not mean that I support harming the planet and disregarding environmental issues. You should recycle as much as possible, use efficient energy, don’t litter, and be as ‘green’ as you can.

Global warming, however, is just meaningless hype. It’s as simple as solar activity and warm and cold cycles, which are supported scientific laws. We are not in imminent danger from an increase of climate temperature.

For more information on the correlation between sun activity and climate, or to check my sources and reasoning, search for “The politically incorrect guide to global warming” or visit http://therionorteline.com/2012/08/31/save-the-earth-from-global-warming-put-out-the-sun/

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