White heritage stickers found in men’s restroom

A sticker promoting the "Fash the Nation" podcast was found in the men's restroom in Building 4. The sticker was removed Monday, Oct. 17.

A sticker promoting the “Fash the Nation” podcast was found in the men’s restroom in Building 4. The sticker was removed Monday, Oct. 17.

Stickers promoting right-wing ideology have been found in the men’s bathroom in Building 4 at DMACC.

One sticker promoted the “Fash the Nation” podcast and the other had an image of a statue with the phrase, “Protect Your Heritage. Identity Evropa.”

Identity Evropa’s Facebook page states, “We are an American based identitarian organization dedicated to promoting the interests of People of European Heritage.”

The page has more than 4,000 likes.

The group has been described as “white nationalist” and as having ties to Neo-Nazi groups.

A student brought the stickers to the attention of the Chronicle on Mon., Oct. 17.

The student had reported the stickers to his college experience instructor previously to that.

Subsequently, The Chronicle showed campus security the stickers, who removed them.

The Anti-Fascist News website has labeled the “Fash the Nation” as “the largest and most popular white nationalist podcast in the country.”

Anti-Fascist News states they successfully campaigned to remove the podcast from SoundCloud because it violated their terms of service based on “their pervasive use of racial slurs, arguments that people of color have lower IQs than whites, Holocaust Denial, and other forms of racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and generally disgusting banter.”

A second sticker had this image promoting the group Identity Evropa.

A second sticker had this image promoting the group Identity Evropa.

DMACC Security Supervisor Terry Harrison will be investigating the matter and reporting his findings to the DMACC administration.

“This doesn’t happen very often with any kind of graffiti; earlier this year there was a student from Campus View Apartments writing inspirational phrases on Building 24, but that’s really it,” Harrison said.  “I’ve never seen anything racial happen on campus in the 6 years I have been here.”

DMACC is not the only campus targeted with this message.

White heritage posters found Oct. 27 at ISU are being investigated by Iowa State Police, the Iowa State Daily reported.

DMACC’s official statement on this is that it was vandalism and thus was removed, but “Per DMACC procedure ES 4860 students and organizations are allowed to post informational items to public bulletin boards (e.g., a public forum), with prior permission,” according to a statement from President Robert Denson’s office.

The key to this is the permission and being a recognized organization.

“Colleges and universities in the United States have a long history of providing students the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of philosophies, views, and experiences, with the goal of widening students’ minds,” according to the statement.

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