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  • Bernard Farley

Photos by Alyssa Monroe

The DMACC Fashion Institute held their ninth gala, entitled “FUNHAUS,” on April 21 and 22 in the Black Box Theater in Building 5. The gala is planned by students in a class called Events and PR, in which they start planning the event at the beginning of the spring semester, although they start thinking of themes in August.

“FUNHAUS is an eerie, haunted, abandoned circus where models emerge for a once-in-a-lifetime event,” Karynna Jones, a fashion major from Mason City, said. Jones is the director of this year’s fashion gala. As the director, she oversees every aspect of the show and makes sure that everything is correct so they don’t fall behind anywhere.

“I’m most excited about seeing the show come together and seeing it in the ending, and watching it come to life,” Jones said.

Taylor Johnson, a fashion major from Grimes, is the producer for this year’s gala and she is making a piece for the catwalk.

“I wanted to do one [a piece] from the cut and sewn category, and I don’t really sew so I’m really pushing myself,” Johnson said.

This year’s gala was a little different because they had four categories of pieces instead of their typical single category of Avant Garde. The categories include Cut and Sewn, Avant Garde, Upcycled, and Styled. This makes it so more people can be involved.

Behind the scenes:

  • FUNHAUS director Karynna Jones speaks with the fashion gala crew.

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