Transfer Fair 2023 Highlights

William Utter, William Penn University (Admissions Counselor)
We have a very diverse campus. You can see the whole world all on our campus because we represent a school of 12 nations and 13 different cultural backgrounds, and we offer a variety of majors.

Julie Tannehill, Missouri Western State University (Transfer and Graduate Recruitment Coordinator Training)
We are one of the most affordable universities in the region. As far as getting a quality university education stuff, we are an applied learning university, so we don’t do classes on Fridays to allow for different learning opportunities, research projects, and internships.

Susan Leek, Upper Iowa University (Enrollment Coordinator)
We offer eight week sessions, and if you take two classes every eight weeks, that’s the same as being a full time student. So instead of balancing four classes for 16 weeks, it’s two classes for eight weeks. That’s really something that sets us apart.

Allison Gus, Truman State University (Director of Admissions).
Truman State University is a highly inclusive, highly academic institution that is providing quality education and a quality life experience at an incredibly low price.

Michelle Carlson, Purdue Global (Director of Educational Partnerships)
Purdue global is designed to be an online university for working adults. So people who have gotten their associate’s degree here and are going to continue their education or want to continue their education and possibly work too, we offer online programs and anything from nursing to business to I.T, health and sciences, social behavioral sciences. And so it’s a good fit for people who can’t stop everything to get their bachelor’s but they want a bachelor’s degree, so we can assist them with that.

Tessa Johnson, Des Moines University Medicine and Health Science (Recruitment and Admissions Specialists)
DMU has built a new campus in the West Wing. We offer 10 degree programs in medicine and health science. And it’s a really nice collaborative environment because everyone on campus is a graduate student interested in working somewhere in healthcare. So there’s an opportunity for a lot of interprofessional education and then of course education within these specific programs as well where you get to do your on campus lectures and labs, as well as a few of our programs have clinical rotations or fieldwork experiences as well.

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