To rule is easy, to govern is difficult.

derrickThe leader of the free world, the Commander in Chief, the head honcho, the President of the United States; these are just a few of the titles of the most prestigious and toughest job in the entire world. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be President? What would you establish? What would be your foreign policy? What would be your economic plan? What would your national defense policy be? What would be your stance on controversial issues?  In honor of the recent President’s Day (and the upcoming season three premiere of House of Cards), I will tell you what it would be like if I were President of the United States.

One of the more important issues that America is dealing with right now is the economy. It’s no doubt that America is in trillions of dollars in debt and has many budget deficits. As president, I would counteract the deficit by continuing the progressive tax system in which the wealthy pay a little more than the middle and lower class. Another thing I would implement to help the American economy is increase government regulations on loan/mortgage approval, credit ratings, and the selling of mortgage backed securities. If there is anything that was proven during The Great Recession, it was that corporate businesses cannot be trusted to govern themselves on the market, they get consumed by greed and power. I believe that increased government regulations in corporate business will keep the market grounded and secure from another financial crisis. I do not believe that the government should have to make budget cuts, I believe that the government should spend money more wisely, and there is a difference.

  National defense is a major component of the United States as a world superpower. I would increase the amount of combat training exercises that the U.S. does with its allies and increase the amount of internal military combat training exercises too. I would keep military funding at a rate that keeps America’s military technology level at state-of-the-art. Anything below state-of-the-art would be unacceptable. In the age of hacking and cyber-terrorism, protecting America’s cyberspace infrastructure would be one of my highest national defense priorities. America is a world superpower with many enemies. Therefore, a strong national defense would be a top priority for me as president. 

Foreign policy is one the most important issues for the president. As president, I would continue to economically and diplomatically isolate North Korea. The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, has proven his hatred and has shown no desire to come to terms with the United States or its allies. Another country that I would show little interest in working with is Russia. I can still feel post-Cold War tensions with Russia that will probably continue for years to come. I would keep an eye on Russia, but certainly not make an alliance with Russia. In the Middle East, I would withdraw all combat troops on the frontlines. However, I would make a deal with our Middle East allies to set up or continue to operate heavily fortified military bases in some Middle East countries to solely police the terrorists, not fight them on the frontlines. I would allow the hunting of only specific high-profile terrorists in the Middle East to be handled strictly by U.S. Special Forces. The accidental killing of innocent civilians, killing of U.S. troops, and massive wartime spending are the main reasons of why I would significantly decrease the frontline effort and invasiveness of the U.S. military in the Middle East. For our allies (NATO, etc.), I would continue to maintain a good relationship with all of them. As for China, I would try to reach out and make an alliance with them. China has a very strong economy and the world’s largest population of people, I would definitely want to be on their good side.

Every president in history has had to have an answer for controversial issues. Let’s remember people, this is an opinion column. My stance on gay marriage is to leave it completely up to state governments to decide for themselves on if they want to legalize it or not. My stance on marijuana is to continually keep it illegal recreationally on a federal level and I would also make a strong push for Colorado to make it recreationally illegal again. Now before the pot supporters go all Lee Harvey Oswald on me, I would allow state governments to decide for themselves if they would like to legalize it for strictly medical use. In my opinion, marijuana is ever-so-slightly beneficial for medical purposes only, that’s it. Lastly, it is the issue of illegal immigration, specifically from Mexico. As president, I would increase the federal budget for border patrol and build a stronger border wall between the U.S. and Mexico and spend whatever it takes to build that stronger wall. I’m all for having new citizens in the United States, but they should go through the fair and legal process of becoming a U.S. citizen. It’s not fair to other legal American citizens who are looking for jobs when illegal immigrants are taking those jobs.  

The job as President of the United States is certainly not an easy one. It is difficult in its choices, morals are challenged, not everybody will like you, and a country looks to you for answers. 

Many of you may agree with many of my stances, many of you may also disagree with my stances. Wherever you may stand, consider what you would do and the mass effect and future implications of your choices. 

I hope this article leaves you questioning what would you do if you were President.

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