This Article Was Suppose to Have a Title but My Partner Was too Lazy to Write It

Miriah MaschingBy Miriah Masching.

Group project. One of the most hated phrases a student could hear, next to the test will be on…

When a group project is assigned, at first excitement sets in, only half the work, half the time, but still all of the points. Group projects are meant to be exactly that-half the work.

You’re supposed to have a partner that is willing to put in the same amount of time and effort as you are. But how many times does that actually happen? How many times do you get a partner that is willing to put in the same amount of time and effort?

Rarely do group projects accurately depict the amount of work each student put into the  Most of the time you get stuck with the kid that does nothing in class and the teacher hopes you can help improve their grade.

I am not a teacher. I am a student with a lot of other things requiring my attention. I don’t have time to improve someone else’s grade and keep mine where I want it.

About half way through the group project you start to see your excitement turn to anger.

Your partner says, “Oh yeah I will definitely help. When are you working on the project?”

“Everyday this week since it’s due Monday.”

“Okay I’ll be there to help.”

As the due date approaches you realize that your partner is a “no-show” and you will still need to do all the work .  You finally finish the project with more work than intended.

When it is time to turn in the project your teacher may want you to present your project. As you give a very detailed overview of what your project is about, your teacher is curious as to why your partner didn’t speak much.

Well, I wonder why? Maybe because they didn’t help you with any research or even writing the project.  They didn’t speak because they didn’t know anything to say. I’m sure they hardly knew the title.

Once the project is finished, presented, and handed in, the waiting begins. Waiting to see your grade and how your project compared to others in your class.

Finally grades come out and you see your partner’s little slip up while presenting turned your “A” project into a “B” project. Not only that, but your grade is the exact same as your partner’s grade.

I think it is ridiculous that group projects are still being used. It was fine in elementary school when every kid was eager to learn, but this is college. As you get older the eagerness to learn leaves most students and what is left is pure laziness. Group projects should be limited to younger students and never be used in college.

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