Spring into DMACC showcases on campus clubs and services

Blake Geilem, Trevor Mark, and Alyssa representing the Salt Company, a campus ministry student organization.

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, the Student Activity Council held its Spring into DMACC event in the Building 5 student center. Around 30 student clubs and school resources set up tables to showcase a variety of the activities, support services, and opportunities available at DMACC.
Some of the displays included information for the London Study Abroad program, Tabletop Collective, Dance Club, Improv Club, Fencing Club, counseling, LGBTQ+ and the Salt Company.
Professors Lauren Rice and Bethany Sweeney sat at a table surrounded by Union Jack flags for the 2019 London Study Abroad Program. They both expressed some of the benefits of traveling abroad during college.
“It’s important to consider studying abroad. Many come back feeling changed. It gives them opportunities they never had before,” Rice said.
The IT Club hoped to get word out about their current charity efforts. Markie Louan and Kelli Kleindorfer detailed the club’s work with local nonprofits, helping them to better understand technology and create websites. Additionally, the club has scheduled a charity gaming event on March 8.
Lynnae McMaee-Charles passed out information for Life’s Calling to make sure students were aware of the scholarships available to them.
“The deadline to apply for fall scholarships is May 3 at 4 p.m,” she said.
Blake Geilemfeidt, Trevor Mark and Alyssa Stegall sat at a table for the Salt Company, showcasing the campus ministry student organization. Geilemfeidt said that, “We are not exclusively for Christian people. We try to stress that. Anyone is welcome. It’s a super amazing community where everyone is welcome.”
A library staff member, Stephanie Gibb-Clark, displayed an assortment of items available for check out at the library. Various movies, books, and electronics sat on the table.
Student Activities Coordinator Erin Smith spoke of this year’s overall success despite weather conditions which originally delayed the event by a week. She said the Building 5 student center was packed with people, and that she was very pleased with the turnout.
Smith said there seemed to be a lot of interest surrounding the Fencing Club, and acknowledged the Tabletop Collective as the newest club at DMACC in Ankeny. She also said she hoped students had an opportunity to see different things our college has to offer.

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