Review: New Life Singer’s “Captivate”

By Alex Payne

A new album captured my attention recently that has been great to listen to when I need something to help me through a stressful day.

The members of Grand Canyon University’s New Life Singers released their album “Captivate” on September 12, 2013.

Alex Payne

Alex Payne

The album is uplifting contemporary Christian music and is not anything like the old traditional hymns. This music is motivational and is great to play in the background as I do my schoolwork.

It is an amazing collection of worship music that really grabs your heartstrings.

New Life Singers is a 16-voice ensemble led by Gabe Salaza, GCU’s campus worship director.

The group travels to churches and schools, in Arizona, Colorado, Texas, California, New Mexico, Nevada and other states, averaging about 100 performances per school year.

The quality of the entire album is also extremely well done. I can remember when my church would record CDs of our band and the quality was never this well done.

I would have expected this to be a Newsboys, Switchfoot, Mercy Me or Casting Crowns. The quality and vocal ability of the group is absolutely amazing.

I have no ability to sing. I am not musically inclined at all but I love to listen to music when it is well done.

This album is one I will click on when I need something to kill the silence, or just lift me up.

New Life Singers have something that many groups do not, they come together and sound like angels. This is literally one of the best Christian albums I have ever listened to.

I expect Life 107.1 FM to be playing songs from this album soon. The quality of their work is that of the quality found on local Christian radio stations and it should be played with it.

If you are looking for uplifting Christian music download the album off of iTunes. The album includes 10 songs and costs $9.90. The entire album is well worth the buy.

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