Paying less is more: The classy, affordable look for students

For most women, makeup is an essential part to having a perfect day. When your makeup looks good, you feel good!  You are a confident and productive force to be reckoned with and the entire world is at your mercy!

But unless you are Kate Upton, no one is paying you to be pretty.

Although I love the products carried by reputable high-end brands such as Ulta or Sephora, they can be a little too much for my wallet to handle.


Denecha Flemings takes a selfie after finishing her make-up, which she purchased majority of it at local drug stores.

So, in order to access your full potential and be the best-looking and best-functioning you possible, here are some tips on how to apply your makeup, along with a choice of brands that won’t leave you pocket hurt at the end of the day.

For those darker-skin toned ladies out there, it is important to remember that less is more when dealing with your every day, “I’m going to class then work,” makeup.

My recommendation is Dream Matte Mousse by Maybelline New York.  This foundation is just as its name describes, a facial mousse with tiny air bubbles that keep the foundation light and airy.

This foundation is only $6.75 at Walmart and $6.89 at Target, as compared to Ulta Beauty, who sells this exact same product for $8.99.

If you are an oily-skinned gal like myself, you may want to pair this foundation with a dry facial powder to take the shine away.

My drug of choice is the Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powder with Oil Control.  Sold at Target for $5.99, lightly brush this product on top of your wet foundation to give yourself a fresh and clean airbrushed look.

The “less is more” rule really comes into play when forming your eyebrows for the everyday makeup look.

I do not know why, but some girls feel the need to completely draw their entire eyebrow on, making them way too dark and completely fake-looking. Please stop this madness. Nobody is impressed by your caterpillar brow.

Simply outline the shape of your eyebrow then use a brow styling brush to shade and blend the rest of your brow, filling in the desired shape and tone.

I suggest L.A. Colors eyeliner/brow pencil paired with the Sally Hansen Brow Shaping Kit, which consists of brow shaping brushes and combs.  The kit is sold at Walmart for $3 along with the brow liners for $2.99.

When choosing eyeliner and eye shadow for the everyday look it is best to stick to warm, earthy tones. Use colors that will compliment your darker complexion and accentuate the beautiful features you already have.

I recommend the New York Color bronze nude eye palette; it is simple to use and is sold at Walmart for $3.21.  There is really no wrong way to use eye shadow when you are using skin toned colors, but if you need a little direction you can never go wrong with the 1,2,3,4, rule:

1. The lightest nude color (not the white) but the lightest brown, place this color on your lid.

2. The next darkest, this goes in the crease.

3. A step up darker from that, place this color on the outside crease to give almost a nude smoky eye look.

Lastly, 4. The darkest color on the palette, use this as blending tool to ensure all colors fade well together, there should not be a single color that stands out on its own.

Choosing eyeliner is one of the most simplistic and difficult aspects of buying and applying makeup.

I say this because buying eyeliner is simple, for darker skinned women black is the traditional choice and you narrow down your choices based on price.

New York Color High Definition Liquid Eyeliner is a choice of mine for three reasons: It is dynamic, meaning it can be used lightly for your everyday look or heavily for a dramatic wingtip on a night out, it lasts for a very long time, and it sold at Target for $3.62 alongside NYC Lengthening Mascara for $1.89.

The difficulty with eyeliner comes in to play when applying it.


Mia Wang is a big make-up junkie who loves to wear and put on make-up.

For the novice, not applying enough eyeliner eliminates the opportunity to show off your eyes and really make them pop, while using too much eyeliner places you somewhere between a raccoon and a Slipknot concert.

To ensure the perfect eyeliner look, simply apply a little bit of pressure and glide the tip of the liquid pencil along the top of your eyelid line.

The end of the pencil line should be sharp and blend with you eyelashes, giving the lashes a full and fresh-brushed look.

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