Opinion: Why I chose DMACC

There are many things to consider when choosing which college to attend. When it came time for me to make this choice, I had no clue where I wanted to go. All my friends were either going to a four-year university on scholarships, or they were going straight into the workforce. 

I went on college visits to Central College and Indian Hills Community College. While both were great in their own way, I left each visit knowing they were not the place for me. I had no idea what I wanted to major in, so I knew a big university was not for me. 

As I reached the last semester of high school, I was very stressed out about where I was going to be in the fall. It wasn’t until I visited DMACC that my choice became clear. 

DMACC felt like the perfect fit for me. Sitting down with an adviser and having my options explained to me got rid of all the stress I felt about transitioning to college. DMACC has so many appealing benefits that I found no other college could measure up to.

One of the main reasons I, and many other students, chose DMACC is because of how affordable it is. DMACC gives its students an advantage by offering the same education as other colleges, but at a fraction of the cost. This allows more students the opportunity to attend college and focus more on their schoolwork, rather than worry about the financial aspects of earning a degree.

Another big factor to me was the small class sizes. I have found that connecting with your classmates and professor makes learning easier because you feel more comfortable asking questions and participating in classes. This also allows teachers to be more accessible to students.  

Location was a key detail to me when I looked at different colleges. I was ready to be independent and move out of my parent’s house when I graduated high school, but I did not want to be too far away. I wanted to be able to have my space, but also have the ability to go back home and visit my friends and family on occasion. 

With all of DMACC’s campuses, I really liked the idea that I could choose if I wanted to be in an urban or rural environment. I picked the Ankeny campus to attend because it is the biggest campus and it offered many housing options in the area. 

I didn’t know in the beginning that I would love attending DMACC as much as I have. Entering my final semester and preparing to transfer to the University of Iowa, I am struck by how much I am going to miss being a DMACC Bear. I will miss the lively discussions and the shared sense of comradery with my classmates when it comes time to turn in a 10-page paper. 

I am going to miss those ridiculously squeaky black couches and feeding my coffee addiction at Café X. I am so grateful to my teachers for encouraging me and pushing me in the right direction. DMACC has helped me figure out what my goals are and the steps necessary to achieve them. Looking back, I know I made the right choice by choosing DMACC.

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