New Facebook marketing class fills quickly

This fall, DMACC is offering a business course in “Facebook and Digital Marketing.”

The class is an update to MKT: 121, it features proprietary Facebook marketing lessons and real-world digital marketing projects.

The idea arose this summer, after Facebook unveiled a plan to train 1 million people and small businesses in competitive digital skills by 2020.

Despite their size and global reach, Facebook lacked an infrastructure to engage communities and teach at this scale, so they sought local partners nationwide, one of which is DMACC.   

The class is offered as a non-credit instructor-guided online certificate course. It is taught by Laura Kinnard and runs from Oct. 8 to Dec. 14. Kinnard is an entrepreneur, content strategist, marketer, technologist, business educator and DMACC alumnus.

She has traveled the world from China to Nigeria, advising entrepreneurs about how to adapt their businesses to the evolving digital landscape.

Last summer, she even shared a stage with the Nigerian vice president at a youth tech summit in Edo State, Nigeria.

Professor Kinnard described why the course was necessary, what students will take away from the course, and how students need to prepare before taking the course.

Kinnard noticed that many small businesses using social media, “did not understand their goals or know which digital components were best for them.” They, spent a lot of time but did not know how to measure their results.

However, the need to use social media is there; Kinnard said “1 in 4 people in the United States are on Facebook.”

Besides Facebook, the class covers other social media platforms, search engine optimization (SEO), inbound marketing and digital marketing, as well as target and outbound marketing.

According to Kinnard, “For the class to really be impactful, they need to have something to apply it to.” Students should have “their own business they’re working in, or at least have adopted a business in the community that they are actively wanting to help.”

Because it is a pilot program, only 20 spots were available, and they all were filled within hours of fall registration opening. The class requires 45 contact hours and costs $599, however this semester Facebook offered $400 scholarships to the first 20 applicants, dropping the price to $199.

Scholarships will likely be offered if a second spring class is held. The course is under DMACC’s continuing education division, so it will not appear on the Web Info System.

To find the course, search “continuing education” on the DMACC homepage, click the continuing education link, click on the arrow that says “View Classes, and Register” then search “Facebook and…” on the DMACC continuing education page.

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