Live each day to the fullest

NdeyKumbaDembaIf there is one subject we wish not to talk about, “death” wins hands down. Whenever death is brought up at any place or time, it changes the mood almost immediately either by design or default. We tend to picture darkness, loss, and end. It reminds us of the reality, we don’t want to be reminded about.

Naturally, we just want to look on the bright side and truly not deal with it unless we have to or are confronted by it. We weep and mourn the death of loved ones, mainly because, we would never see them again, or at least not in this world and because a piece of us is reminded about our own mortality.

Each time a close person to us dies, we tend to ask too many questions all at once. We are momentarily griped by a surge of shock coupled with insatiable questions. When did he die? How did he die? Where did he die? Was he ill?

Nothing at that point makes sense. Truth is, you need not be sick before you can die, and the question of when, where and how are least relevant, bottom line is they are gone and gone for good.

I’ve never heard of a man who boldly says “death can come to me now; I’ve achieved all I ever wanted in life.” The fact that I’ve never heard of it doesn’t mean it was not said before. But what I can say with certainty is that, even if such words were said, it is partially true.

There must be buts, whys, had I known, I wish I could. If ever a self claimed “I have achieved all I ever wanted in life” is given another opportunity to life, there must be regrets, self doubt, corrections, I wish I could, if I can reverse time, if I can take back this moment, if I can hold on to this moment much longer, if I could be more submissive to God, if I can be at peace with those I’ve wronged, if I could go this place.

Clearly, there is no complete satisfaction in life. There is always something that could be done.   This is why it is very important to utilize what I chose to call the  “limited time” we have, enjoy while it last. You can never live to have it all, but be content that you have done the most important things; living with that notion is satisfying in itself.

Be proud to lay your head each day satisfied that twenty-four hours was not wasted in vain. Look in the mirror and be proud of who you are, there must be something you have that I don’t have and someone else’s don’t have. We are all special in our own ways.

Be respectful at all times; be nice at all times, treat people equally. Give if you have and not expect in return. Learn while you can. Eat, drink, smile, dance, laugh, and cry for it is once but a lifetime.

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