Let’s Celebrate The Real Heroes

Kat_Nichol_webHas the world’s idea of celebrating moral decency become to general?

I mean; we now celebrate men who actually are a father to their kids and waitresses who pay for a meal in appreciation to those who serve their community. All the while these people claim not to want the fame from doing a good deed, but lets face it, many of them know what they are doing.

Now I am not saying that there are not people who do deserve recognition; such as Alek Skarlatos; a National Guardsman who helped save a train full of people headed to Amsterdam; or Chris Mintz; who was shot trying to save his fellow classmates from the Oregon shooting.

I am just putting it out there that we should not always be praising people who decide to be decent people. Has our society sunken so low that moral decency has become unknown to us? We should be aspiring to do good deeds without needing thousands of people to give us the proverbial “pat on the back.“

For example, actor Steve Buscemi hopped on a fire engine during 9/11 to help save people from the wreckage; however, it wasn’t till recently that anyone other than the other people on the truck knew he was even there. He never sought recognition for being a good person; he just helped out because it was the right thing to do.

Why is it that we feel that it is not good enough for us to know we are a good person, but that the whole world thinks that we are as well? Do other people’s opinions mean that much? Shouldn’t we be wondering why their validation is so important?

Of course it is natural to want feedback and validation, but why do we have to blow it out of proportion? Is a thousand people’s validation better than the few people you might have actually helped?

Along the same line, do we really need a designated a week for random acts of kindness? If it is a planned day, is it really random? Should we have to plan to be kind or decent?

If so, then the world is in for a cruel reality check. If the people of the world tend to forget about being compassionate and kind toward each other then the world should just stop right then and there. We are all striving for a better way of life; but that doesn’t mean we should destroy the person next to us who wants the same chance.

So, remember that we don’t always have to overly-praise someone for doing the right thing, and we should do good deeds without seeking our “five minutes of fame” because of it.


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