High school dress codes need to be updated

I have a younger sister who is a junior in high school. She recently wore an off the shoulder shirt to school which she got in trouble for later that day. She was told it was inappropriate, and she needed to cover up…For her shoulders showing. I don’t understand. I think K-12 schools are destroying the creativity, fashion-wise, in students.

In all seriousness though, what is wrong with shoulders showing? It is a shoulder. It’s the part where your arm meets your torso. I can tell you, guys are not going to be turned on by the whole length of a girl’s arm showing. And if teachers have a problem with it, well that’s pretty messed up. Their job is to teach, not to be concerned with what a student is wearing.

My roommate came back from the mall the other day. She said she saw a little girl, she thought maybe 12 years old, wearing an off the shoulder romper. She said she looked so cute and so grown up. The teacher of that 12-year-old would not be able to tell her she needed to change her clothes if she wore that outfit to school. One, because the 12-year-old isn’t going to understand why because she was just dressing cute and her mom probably dressed her. Two, because a teacher should be more concerned with what the girl is learning and how she is learning.

My sister, Mia, has the cutest sense of style. I’m two years older but am constantly going to her for advice on what to wear and what the new trends are. The way she expresses herself through her style is incredible, and I wish I could be like her in that way.

There were people at my high school who would wear shorts so unbelievably short. First, I would think have a little respect for yourself and don’t wear something like that. But two, I would think they don’t get in trouble because if a teacher went up to her and said “Your shorts are too short. You need to change” she could instantly file a complaint about some sort of sexual harassment because a teacher was staring at her butt.

It just sounds so dumb. “She can’t wear that shirt because her shoulders are showing.” Honestly, I just think it sounds ridiculous, and I don’t think it’s how teachers are supposed to teach. Teachers are supposed to teach students how to be themselves and creative. Any rule about not showing shoulders or just restricting freedom of expression, style-wise, is NOT going to do that, so it definitely needs to change.

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