Faculty take advantage of classes at DMACC

WIMG_7949e call DMACC staff and faculty by many names, however student is not normally one of them, in actuality, there are currently 24 faculty and staff taking classes this semester.

DMACC gives staff and faculty the opportunity to participate in classes, where seats are still available; at just the price of the textbook.

However, faculty and staff have been known to pay for the classes they take, especially if it is classes were seats fill up quickly.

Faculty enroll in classes because they are either interested in learning something new or because they need the credit hours to be recertified in their prospective fields of teaching.

For example, Professor William Bond is an accounting instructor on campus who has applied for the Culinary Arts program, and is currently taking Food Prep 1 and Food Prep Lecture. “I wanted to learn how to cook, as well as be able to relate my experiences to my class lectures,” Bond said.

Professor Herold Zarr has taken about 22 different courses on campus; most of which have been in accounting and math.

Professor Zarr is a business instructor at the Ankeny campus who has not only experience being a student being taught by other faculty, but has also experienced teaching other faculty.

When asked about what it is like to teach other faculty and staff Professor Zarr said,” As an instructor I have not seen a significant difference in the level of commitment by both students and faculty.”

Professor Zarr said that faculty are less likely to ask questions during class, because they are worried about taking away from other student’s learning; therefore they are more likely to meet with their instructors during their office hours to ask questions.

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