DMACC and Grinnell sign historic education agreement by Joseph Provenzano

The Student Articulation Agreement between DMACC and Grinnell is an historic first for the private college.  Signed on November 1 by DMACC President Robert Denson and Grinnell President Raynard S. Kington, the agreement is a commitment between the two schools to further education and part of a national movement among colleges and universities.

The intention is to pave a way for students who express an interest in pursuing a four-year degree, furthering their education beyond DMACC, by providing an opportunity for them to transfer to Grinnell College.  In order to qualify for this agreement DMACC students must be actively pursuing an Associates of Arts degree.  A student who meets the following prerequisites may participate in a special preview program.

Students should have a 3.0 or higher GPA, with no grades below a B-, high grades in most recent courses, have studied Mathematics through Calculus 1, taken English 105 and English 106, and be active in the community, employment, and college based activities.

The preview program is designed to showcase the benefits of Grinnell while also giving them an insight as to what they may anticipate once they transfer.

“It gives our students another option,” said Denson.  “Any student who finishes two years with us is pretty much ready for anything, whether it be: Iowa, Iowa State, UNI, Harvard, or wherever they want to go.”

DMACC is the largest two year college in Iowa and one of the fastest growing in the country.  Already it has partnerships with many of the not-for-profit schools in the state, including Drake, Grandview, Simpson, Central, and AIB.  Grinnell is one of the largest private schools in the state with national recognition and prestige whose agreement may pave the way for future agreements with other schools that fall in that category.

Grinnell wants more Iowans to attend and both schools see this as a way to encourage that.  Denson is hoping this opportunity will lead to two or three students a year transferring to Grinnell from DMACC.  This seems like a small number except Grinnell College has an enrollment of about 1600 students annually, and less than 25 of them are transfer students.

Tuition fees run around $50,618 with about 85% of students receiving financial aid.

If you are interested in more information about Grinnell you may contact Brad Spielman, DMACC academic advisor,, or Grinnell registrar Cheryl Chase,


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3.0 or higher GPA

No grade below a B-

High grades in most recent courses

Study in Mathematics through Calculus 1

English 105 and English 106

Active community involvement, employment and/or college-based activities outside the classroom

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