Dive Into DMACC: A closer look at some of the clubs and organizations you can find around DMACC

DMACC Criminal Justice Club. Photo by Christy Halverson

Students explored clubs and organizations on campus at Dive into DMACC, Wednesday, Sept. 4, outside Building 5.  A couple-dozen different tables were set up to encourage students to explore new activities.  Here’s a quick look at a handful of those programs, organizations, resources and clubs featured that might interest you:

Creative Writing Club:

If you love to write, and want to work on improving your skill set—or if you’ve always been interested in writing in a creative setting, but don’t know where to start, the Creative Writing Club is the place for you.  The club allows members to gain valuable advice and feedback in regards to personal writing projects, as well as exciting publishing opportunities.  If you are interested in joining, contact club president Cale Edgington at ccedgington1@dmacc.edu.

Study Abroad Program:

This is an extremely unique education opportunity for students interested in traveling overseas with DMACC for a semester in London.  Not only would it be a fun opportunity to travel somewhere (potentially) new and exciting, but it also allows for a ton of experiential learning with field trips around Europe.  For further information on how to take your first steps towards studying abroad, either visit dmacc.edu/studyabroad, or contact Professor Lauren Rice at lrrice@dmacc.edu.


Students get information about the Rainbow Alliance at Dive Into DMACC, Wednesday, Sept. 4, outside of Building 5. Photo by Christy Halverson

The Rainbow Alliance:

The Rainbow Alliance is a student group that invites, welcomes, and offers a safe, fun environment for LGBTQ+ students and allies.  It’s an inclusive group that allows for open, safe dialogue about personal and political issues, as well as simply providing students a space to socialize!  Though there are events planned around National Coming Out Day, and the Day of Silence so far this semester, there are also opportunities to participate in activism relating to LGBTQ+ issues.  The group meets every Friday from 12:15-12:45 p.m. in Building 5, Room 1220.

Honors Program:

Do you love to challenge yourself?  Do you consider yourself a competitive person—perhaps even an overachiever?  Consider applying for the Honors Program. The program offers tons of great benefits that help to prepare students for the workforce after education, as well as provide perks to enjoy during college.  If you are accepted to the program, you could gain access to leadership and service learning seminars, or even qualify for tuition-based rebates. Applications are closed for the fall semester; though if you are sticking around, and think you are a good fit, you can find all of the details at dmacc.edu/honors.

DMACC Library (in Building 6):

In addition to the ordinary library mainstays (checking out books, digging through electronic databases, movies, etc.,)there are also a number of other resources you may be surprised to discover at the library.  You can check out mobile hotspots, calculators, study spaces, umbrellas, and even use a streaming service called Kanopy to watch movies.  All of these you can use for completely free as a student of DMACC— provided you can follow due dates.  The library is an outstanding resource for students to take advantage of, so be sure to stop by and ask any of the staff there for anything you may need.

The Tabletop Collective:

If you love to play games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, and more, come check out the Tabletop Collective.  As the members of the club put it, it’s a group of “nerds creatively using math and theater of the mind.”

They accept people from all walks of life who are interested in playing tabletop games.  Even if you have never played D&D, or any of the other games mentioned, you can get started at the Tabletop Collective. If you want, you can contact Club Advisor Marc Dickinson at madickinson@dmacc.edu, or the collective’s VP Cale Edgington at ccedgington@dmacc.edu.

Of course these aren’t all of the clubs, organizations, programs, and resources DMACC students can take advantage of; for a full list of clubs, students can visit the student activities in the Ankeny section of the DMACC web page. 

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