“Deadpool” movie violence provides relief & catharsis

PJ_WebViolence is just a source for relief and a moment of catharsis.

Recent movies have used gore and raunchy violence to boost up the content of their films. For example, many are complaining about Marvel’s recent comic book live action “Deadpool,” which brought in tons of money the opening weekend. Many believe that Deadpool’s obscene and highly disturbing action scenes were too much for the viewer. However, if you are like me, I believe that the amount violence within the film was essential and entertaining.

I do get why violence in movies is such a high concern for audience members,, especially for parents. In Deadpool, the main character takes a car lighter, ignites it, and then shoves the lighter inside a man’s mouth, then afterwards pushes it on the man’s forehead. The violence in movies,, especially Deadpool, is very out there, but maybe it brings relief to the audience member who has built up anger.

The recent news has been centered on the many shootings that have occurred around the nation, and many believe that the exposure to violent films could be the cause of the never-ending tragedy. But, what makes these highly glorified films art is the fact that it reflects its society. There isn’t a day when the news is not covering a shooting, or any war-related events. There are plenty of violent events in the world to make anyone go crazy, and blaming films by pointing fingers is wrong because these movies are using what they learn from the real world for their content.

Maybe, however, these films lead to a sense of relief or a catharsis.

Films tend to have the audience member feel something towards the subject. According to the genres, each movie touches a subject that the audience personally can relate, and soon the audience becomes relieved from the feeling that was being built up through laughter, crying or, even sometimes, screaming.

This outward expression is relieving because by laughing or crying while watching a movie, there is a cathartic moment by stepping into the character’s story. When watching Deadpool and seeing a man in slow motion burn another man’s mouth with a car lighter, while the car is being flipped, the audience member feels their own pain in the man’s pain.

By watching these horrific violent films, the audience imagines being in the shoes of those in pain and imagines themselves in that situation. Many believe that doesn’t happen to everyone, but that is a main reason why people go to watch movies: they want to feel something, meanwhile, relieving themselves from whichever emotion they have built up.

So, maybe watching a highly glorified movie such as Deadpool isn’t so bad. The laughter in the movie brings comedic relief from the violence, and maybe that is what the theme is aiming towards: to find the good in the never-ending misery.

But to be clear, the bad reputation of action-packed films violence doesn’t affect the society. However, society is what effects and inspires the violent content in movies.

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