Counseling: A solution for students’ sanity

Starting off school is an exciting thing to experience.  New classes, new people and new memories you have yet to make.

When you start, you make sure to buy all of the books and notebooks you’ll need for class.  You make sure that all your pencils are sharpened, and your pens have ink in them.  You even show up to class a few minutes early to sit right at the front so that you can listen to the lecture better.

Everything is set; but when the classes actually begin, and you start to learn the material, you realize that maybe you took on too many credits.  All of a sudden, your homework is piling up, and you’re having a really hard time in a class you didn’t expect to have trouble in.

Plus, you signed up for that club that sounded really interesting at the time, but now seems like a burden—and what are you going to do about your job? You can’t stop working, because you need the money; yet school is important too.

You start worrying more and more.  Suddenly, you can’t sleep, you don’t have much of an appetite, and honestly, you don’t even feel like getting out of bed.

Stop! Stop right there, and take a moment to realize that you might need some help.

As a DMACC student, you have access to free counseling on campus—why not take advantage of it?

Our counselors are here to help.  Located in Building 1, Thomas Tweedy is a perfect example.  “When starting off the semester, you get a lot of students struggling with time management.  New students pack on their schedule, and when they get to midterms, they are overwhelmed, and want to drop everything. Suddenly, when they get to midterms, they realize it, and believe the only way to fix it is by dropping everything.  But if they would just come to see us, we can help them find a solution,” says Tweedy.

   If you aren’t feeling up to talking to someone, or you just want a couple of tips, then go check out

They have a bunch of worksheets and surveys to see if you are exhibiting some symptoms of a mental health issue, and whether you should reach out.

Even if you don’t feel you are having a bad time, still check it out!  They have great tips on how to study, time management, and even tips on self-care.  So this semester, if you’re having a little trouble, or you’re doing just fine, make sure to check on yourself; because no one is more important than you!

Tips from a DMACC Counselor:

-YouTube guided visualizations are a great way to meditate and relax.

-Fall students tend to take on more classes, so just make sure that you can keep up with your course load.

-Different stress relief tactics work for different people, so make sure to stop by and see a counselor to see what works for you.

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