Clinton visits DMACC

ClintonHillary Clinton visited the Ankeny DMACC FFA Building Wednesday afternoon, August 26, in her campaign for president.

Clinton wants to make many changes that would affect Iowa, such as investing in small businesses and farmers.

“I made agriculture in world development a top priority,” said Clinton about her time as secretary of state. One of the ways she said this can happen is by creating a national infrastructure bank to connect rural areas to national banks. She also wants to encourage banks to give investments to smaller businesses.

Clinton said that helping small businesses and rural farmers will help rural economies. She said that it would help rural healthcare for children as well as create good quality pre-schools.

Clinton also said many jobs can be created through the need for wind turbine parts. “Done right trade can drive a lot of economic growth,” says Clinton.

Another point Clinton made was how she wanted to capitalize on clean, renewable energy. She wants to install millions of solar panels.

Clinton also stands behind Obama’s free community college plan.

Secretary of Agriculture and former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack introduced Clinton and heavily stressed rural drug addiction problems, which Clinton reiterated with the solution of building more facilities dedicated to helping these people recover from their addiction.

Some of the students thought that what Clinton promised sounded great, but without more funds to put these plans into motion they were a little unsure if some of the choices would benefit America economically.

“Unless she can give a more concise plan as to how she can make good on her plans, I won’t vote for her,” said Kenny Lehman.

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