Building one remodel on schedule

The Building 1 remodel that has scattered student services around campus is on schedule and will be completed this December.

March of this year Building 1, which houses most of student services and the human resource department, was overhauled in a big way. Offices have been temporarily relocated throughout campus.

BLDG1While a few offices are still located in Building 1, most of the building is under construction.

The remodel includes updating the floor plan and adding 12,000 square feet of new space.

“The whole idea of the renovation and addition is to make it easier for students,” Joe Baxter, the construction services supervisor, said.

The new plan calls for offices with windows facing the lobby. Most students should be able to tend to all DMACC business without leaving the lobby. Traditionally students would ping pong around Building 1, going back and forth to get the services they need.

The new space will also have a welcome center for new and prospective students, more office space for all departments, and a bigger lobby that can host activities like transfer fairs.

Upon completion this December students will see the return of the Building 5 Quiet Lounge and should see some congestion ease up in the student center.

The remodel is budgeted at $4 million.

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