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Dear Courtney,


What should I do about my boyfriend of 6 years? He got me and another woman pregnant three years ago and then decided to marry me, and we’ll be getting married in less than a year. He is also now supporting the other child and its mother. However, now he has decided that the child, whom I have never met, to visit on the weekends. I dislike the mother because she cheated with my now fiancé in order to get back at me; what should I do?




Married to a Cheater


Dear Cheater,


First of all, thank you for the question. Second of all, have you tried telling your fiancé about your thoughts about this other woman, and explained to him why it bothers you that he feels the need to invite this other child over? Also explain to him that if he didn’t want to feel guilty he shouldn’t have gone and cheated on you with this other woman; the same woman he later knocked up. Also you don’t have to forgive the mother, but at the same time remember that its not the child’s fault. I hope this helps somewhat.





Dear Courtney,



I have a co-worker that I just cannot stand! She was just recently hired and we just do not get along. I have been with the company much longer but she acts like she knows everything! She also gets constantly praised while I get told that I am not good at pretty much anything while she gets to chat it up with my boss. She is always giving me more work than I can handle and even complains to other workers about me. I can’t go to HER boss because they seem like best buddies. I would quit, but I am just a few months from getting an excellent raise and some new benefits that I have been promised. If I left I would have to start all over at a new job at much less pay, and I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent for my apartment. What can I do?




Is it too late to reconsider my life?





Dear Too Late,


First of all, thank you for the question. Second of all, if you work in a place with a human resources office, talk to them about the situation and see if they can do anything, or ask a super higher up (i.e. the boss’s boss) if he or she can possibly do anything about the situation.

If all else fails; transfer to a different location if your work location is a change. Maybe also say something to her about how you feel about her, and while keeping the language appropriate, tell her that you don’t like something and please ask her if she is willing to make a slight change because their could be others that don’t like her. I sincerely hope that this will help.



Dear Courtney,


I have a co-worker that may have bitten off more than she can chew. Recently I just found out that she’s been sleeping with our boss, and since then she has received a promotion TWICE! I don’t know what to do because I know its against management’s rules about relationships. What should I do? I am so confused about what to do in this situation. Please help me.



Being the only rule-follower


Dear Rule Follower;

First of all, thank you for the question. Second of all, I admit it’s tough when no one else will follow the rules around your workplace, and yet these rules are in place for a reason. Talk to a higher up to tell them what’s going on, and what you should do. If all else fails then ask to transfer to a different place or something, or if its not possible then just try to ignore them as much as possible.




Dear Courtney,


What should I do? I have a boss who is extremely cute and liked by everyone and he is totally amazing; and I have the hugest crush on him, except there is one problem: he’s gay. Also to add another nail in the coffin; he’s married to someone. What should I do besides ignore him cuz’ no matter what I do I keep thinking about him. Please help!



We Found Love in a Hopeless Place


Dear Love,


Well first of all, thank you for your question. Second of all, why should we care about your love life? I mean all you are going to do is get hurt anyway. And its not like your grades are close to failing, and its not like you are in danger of becoming a crazy woman who is more than likely of becoming the owner of fifty-seven cats with every day that passes. Also its not like you have really bad crush on the weekend meteorologist on ABC5 that you’re friends constantly tease you about. So why should your gay boss be the worst of your problems; its not like he’s purple and looks like your little sister who takes every chance she can to threaten to beat you up or other stuff every time she sees you. So to be fair, life isn’t just about you.



Dear Courtney,


I have a unique situation that I need advice on. I think my best friend is a zombie. What should I do? Even if she is a zombie she is still my best friend. Please help me.



Zombies in Iowa City




Dear Zombies,


First of all thank you for the question. While I am not familiar with zombies, Canada and Buzzfeed are and here are some signs to tell if your friend is or is not turning into a zombie:

1. You look, walk, and sound like everyone else.

2. You’re often part of lumbering, slow-moving crowds.

3. You swarm en masse to loud, droning noises.

4. You go out of your way to eat “organic” food.

5. You can’t tear yourself away from loud, obnoxious spectacles.

6. You suffer from achy joints and stiff, lifeless limbs.

7. You’re lethargic, unmotivated, and say things like, “I’m just not myself until I’ve had my coffee.”

8.   You often find yourself EATING HUMAN ENTRAILS.


If you’re friend fits in with any of these signs, then I hate to say it but your friend may be a zombie. In any case just show your friend some love and affection as she gets used to her new zombie life. It will be awhile, and for the first few months you may want to consider chatting over video phone since you don’t wanna risk loss of life, or brain. I just hope this helps.



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