Adam Carroll: Make every day a “level 10 day”

On March 10, Adam Carroll took over the Quiet Lounge in Building Five to give a talk on how to live a better life. One of his first points had to do with being the “architect of your own life.” His point was that you should not wait around for things to fall into your lap, you need to make things happen, which lead nicely into his favorite acronym, “M.A.S.H.” It stands for Make Awesome Sh** Happen. Another thing he said was that you need to have a big vision. If you have low goals, low achievements is all you’re ever going to have. However, if you have high goals, you will have high achievements.

Then he talked about questions. He said that you need to ask bigger questions, and that “what” questions are better than “why” questions. When you ask yourself why, like “why does this happen to me,” “why is everything going wrong,” that just sounds negative. His suggestions were to ask questions like “what can I learn,” “what is good about this,” and “what should I have done?” Those questions are all positive, and they all point you towards improvement.

He moved on to discuss dream jobs. He talked about making goals to make it to your dream job, and telling people what you want because you may very well know someone who could help you reach your dream job. If you say “I want to be a CEO,” but do nothing to make that happen, then it is not going to happen.

His next point was about making every day “a level ten day,” and every week a “level ten week.” You do that by not hitting snooze when your alarm clock goes off. You start the day off right, and at a ten, so that if anything happens you’ll maybe go down to an eight, rather than starting at a four, and going down to a two. This is important because you and the people in your life suffer when that happens.

He also talked about the kind of people you surround yourself with. There are positive people, and then there are negative people, and obviously the positive ones are those that you want around you. Negative people are draining, and unsupportive. Association is everything.

He also suggested having a vision board; a board with your dreams on it, to keep your dreams alive.

The talk that he gave was general, just to cover the basics on his theories about success. He will be giving another talk that will go into more detail, and is free for all to attend. Food from Jimmy Johns will also be provided. The talk will be on April 7, at 11:15 a.m. in the Quiet Lounge in Bldg. 5.

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