A Visit to WHO TV

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On Saturday, March 24, I had the opportunity to tour the WHOTV studio with John Sears, one of the sports reporters.

John showed me around the studio, including the weather green screen, the main stage, the Sound Off stage, and the producer’s studio.

He also showed me an office space which he described as having a “90s office vibe.” Little interesting fact, they always have the police scanner running so they can find stories like building or house fires, high-speed car chases, or homicides.

According to John, those occur very rarely. I also met Michael Admire, one of the other sports reporters for WHOTV.

I was able to watch him finish up a short story about March Sadness that aired later that night. I was also invited to sit in and watch the 6 o’clock news from the producer’s studio as well as behind the camera man on the main stage.

I was in awe of how quickly the producer’s fixed an audio error from a story. I had a great time watching and talking about how they do what they do, and even talked with John and Michael about Loyola’s Cinderella story. John even called a potential meeting of Loyola and Duke in the championship game, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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