Why do girls wear makeup

by Mia Wang

In the past few weeks, I have been noticing a lot that girls who love makeup are almost ashamed to admit that using makeup makes them happy. I still remember last weekend, my boyfriend and I planned to go out for a quick lunch and do some grocery shopping.

When I was getting ready and putting my makeup on, my boyfriend said to me, “We are just going to McDonald’s and heading to Wal-Mart. We are not going to any places fancy, and I don’t think you are going to bump into someone you know. So why are you still putting on makeup?” His words really got me thinking about the issues for girls who wear makeup, because when a girl says she loves makeup, she either does it for boys, or she does it due to her insecurities. The worst case: she does it because she does not love herself.

As a makeup enthusiastic, I think wearing and playing with makeup is just like other hobbies people have.

Makeup is fun, and it has a lot of options you can chooses from, and can be applied in so many different ways to match a person’s outfit or mood. I even put on a full face of makeup when I do not go out, because the process of putting on makeup is so relaxing and fun for me. Plus, wearing makeup is not our life priority.

I know plenty of my female friends who go out without makeup all the time if they are in a rush, and they feel totally okay with it.

And I admire their attitude of liking their natural beauty, and they think girls who wear makeup on a daily basis are just using means to enhance their natural beauty. Just like guys who shave their face and work out for six-packs, guys do these things just because good appearance makes themselves happy and confident. Therefore, the bottom line is that girls do not wear makeup due to self-hate, and they certainly do not wear makeup to impress guys. They do their makeup for themselves.

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