Whovians take over the world

matt_smith_us_premier03By Courtney Swessinger

Interested in becoming a Whovian? Want to know what a Whovian even is? Here is where one can find out more about the series.

First of all: What is a Whovian? For a dictionary definition as according to the Oxford Dictionary, it is ‘a fan of the British science fiction television series “Doctor Who.”

It is a well known fact that once you become a whovian you can never leave! Stemming from this are: “Sherlock” fans and “Torchwood” fans, two other popular British Sci-Fi shows. Basically Whovians are an entire group of people spanning the planet and totally in love with a person who calls himself ‘The Doctor’.

Second, what is the Doctor?  The Doctor is a Time Lord from the Planet Gallifrey who travels everywhere through time and space in a blue police telephone box called a TARDIS. He is also the last of his kind, as evidenced throughout many episodes of the show.

The show started in 1963 in Britain, and is primarily watched over there. There were two seasons in black and white, and it wasn’t until the third season, that the show came out in color. Then after an astounding 26 seasons, the show ended. Fans were furious.  In 1996, the show re-aired with a 90-minute television movie starring Paul McGann.  In 2003  the series saw its return with the ninth doctor, Christopher Eccleston.  In 2005, David Tennant took over the role as the Ninth doctor. He portrayed the Doctor until 2010, when Matt Smith took over the role at the age of 26. He was the Doctor until 2013, when he passed the torch over to Peter Capaldi.

For those interested in the show, you can watch on Netflix, or even if you have the station catch it on BBC America at 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Central Time during the week, and all morning Saturday on the station. Also you can buy the show on iTunes and Google Play for $1.99 per episode.

In my opinion, Doctor Who is one of those brilliant British shows that deserve a chance.  If you get a chance please watch starting with the ninth Doctor, but do not forget that there are classic episodes starting in the 1940s, but for the newest Whovian please start with the ninth Doctor as there is a lot that one would be missing if one jumped to the newest stuff.

Doctor Who, for me is a chance to escape the realities of today, and to escape with a handsome man in a police telephone box from the late 1960s. The adventures of the character act as that escape; watching him escape death time and time again, barely unscathed.  I like this show, and I recommend someone watching it, but that choice is up to you.

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