Whoever said life’s journey is an easy one…

NdeyKumbaDembaYou probably don’t need me reminding you that life’s journey is not an easy one.

But I can assure you, that is, if my assurance counts, it could be an easy one, only if you possess one thing called “Faith.”

Looks simple, appears simple, at least, on the surface that is. Having it and living it can change a lot in one’s life and can equally account for a lot if you let it.

It can define the very foundation of your being letting you see beyond yourself; something that is hard in today’s rather complicated and unpredictable world where we all are on a journey of “self,” whether we want to admit this or not.

But then again, denial is one of man’s most indelible traits. Psychologists know better, not that I’m claiming to be one.

I have not lived so many days that I can claim I have seen it all; I will leave that to my grandmother.

But I have lived long enough to know having faith is one key to happiness if not the most important key to happiness. It’s like a weight lifted off your shoulders.

It gives you the grace to take each day of life as it comes.

It gives you the strength to open every package of each day, no matter what the box might seem to unload.

It gives you the courage to stand still even if it rains and pours, for there is a tiny bit of you that reminds you constantly that sunshine will come eventually.

It reminds you that have seen better days and dark ones coming by don’t make you forget that it did “get better.”

It makes you believe strongly “to each yours.” While many ponder over their “lacks,” you revel in what you have and that will always be enough. You seek not for comfort, but find comfort within you and thy Lord. And who be a better comforter?

I lost my father last year. I had every reason to be angry, angry that he was gone for good. The worst part was I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye.

I went to Egypt for two months, and two weeks into my stay he died. I spent my whole life with him; he didn’t die.

The moment I was far away, he died. Don’t get me wrong; I knew he was not going to live forever; I wished I was there to say goodbye.

I was angry at God, everyone, and everything. I still find it hard to comes to terms with what happened, but I do believe he is in a better place and that keeps me going.

Life’s journey is not a rosy one. The road is long, rough and bumpy with so many traffic signs, its confusing which one to follow, and hard driving without breaking any of the rules.

But you know what can help? Start by having faith, the ride could be a pleasant one.

It’s a shame that sometimes we have to fall off our high horse to realize there is a God. Sometimes it takes tragedy to remind us that He is indeed in control.

Don’t wait to fall under any of the two before recognizing a divine presence in your life.

Always have faith.

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