When teams lose, it’s not always abad thing

Emily Houck

In Super Bowl LIV, the Kansas City Chiefs went all the way, only to lose to the Tampa Bay Bucs. The crowd, dead silent. The players as well. That day changed everything for Kansas City. Their winning streak was over. Less than a year later the team is now 3-4. They lost to the Bills 38 to 20. The crowd was upset and the players were upset that we lost and our winning streak was over. That made me want to write this article. As a Kansas City fan, watching us lose is sad but also a good thing.

Sports are an important part of American culture. Some people dedicate their lives to sports and get very upset if their team loses. In my opinion, I think that when a team loses, it’s good because it makes the team stronger. A team losing is an opportunity to discover their strengths and weaknesses.

A team losing is something that makes not only players, coaches, but also fans upset. It gives them a reason to try harder and work with one another. It helps show that everyone is not 100 percent perfect at something, even if they play professionally. It shows that even professional athletes need to work on things.

If they are like everyone else, they will work harder to make their weaknesses not so noticeable. They will do everything in their power to not have the coach yell at them, telling them that they were the reason they didn’t get the touchdown, basket, or goal. No one likes to be blamed when their team didn’t win or didn’t score. Therefore, it makes teams work on plays and spacing to make sure those mistakes don’t happen.

There will always be next season to play teams with the same strengths and weaknesses. It also just shows that winning is not everything and you can not always expect to win. When players don’t give 100 percent, their teammates will sense it and do the same.

It is not an easy thing to hear that you lost, but there can be a silver lining. It helps them find their weaknesses that they sometimes don’t even know they have. It helps them find their effort and motivates them to work as hard as they can. It helps show who the best players are and can make or break a team or game. It helps the team get better and stronger, and be an actual team.

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