What True Hope, True Faith, and True Love means to me….

IMG_5541-webTrue hope comes from true faith that comes from true love. From the beginning, God created all things and in the end, God makes all things new. A new heaven and a new earth: this is true hope; the hope for the kingdom of heaven.

In order to make it back to the kingdom of heaven, I must first find the kingdom of God. I could not understand the difference between the kingdom of God and kingdom of Heaven if I did not have true faith.

Only by true faith can my heart find the kingdom of God, meaning God in the flesh. If I do not believe the words of God that are written in the Bible, for God is the Author of the Bible, then how can I say I have true faith? The first step to true hope is having true faith; the faith that God’s Words are true, for God is true love.

When I was lost, I thought at one time I had found my true love, only to get my heart broken into tiny little pieces. It was when God found me through my sisters that I got to know what true love really was. God healed my broken heart through the love of Mother. Though it took time, God is so patient with us, in which we must also learn by Their example; patience.

The day my sisters came to me and asked me, “Have you heard of God the Mother?” my heart dropped. I said, “No, but I’ve always wondered about that,” like I’ve always had the feeling of a female God existence too. They preached to me, and I was so amazed! It was that moment my life started to change in a really big way.

The Feet Washing Ceremony that takes place before the Passover Ceremony.

The Feet Washing Ceremony that takes place before the Passover Ceremony.

Now, after being in the truth I can ask a person, “If Christ were to come in the flesh today, could you recognize Him?” and people’s answer to me would be, “Yes! Of course!” yet when I explain what God has taught me, they deny the truth. It is because people have been taught by man, and not by God.

Believing in the Bible, which are the true words of God, is true faith. The truth was lost for so many years, but when Heavenly Father came back a second time according to the prophecies, that is how I came to recognize Christ. Without the prophecies or the Words of God, there is no way to recognize Christ coming in the flesh, by outside appearance or faith alone.

God’s divine nature is spiritual, not physical. This world was created for sinners who sinned against God; like children rebelling against their parents.

This reminds me of the story that happened when I was a teenager. As a young child I had severe asthma, taking medication three times a day. I was allergic to almost everything, including chocolate. As I got older into my teen years, I grew out of my asthma and stopped having to take medication.

I loved music and dancing; it felt like it was part of me. So, in middle school there were the drill team tryouts and I was super excited to tryout. I went running home to ask my parents if I can try out for the drill team and their answer was “No.” To me, the answer always seemed to be “No.”

So, instead of being obedient, I tried out anyway. I made the team, so I went running home to tell my parents hoping the answer will change. The answer was still “No.” The excuse was they didn’t have the money.

I got upset and rebelled against my parents. I thought they were just being mean. For those were just my own thoughts; I had no idea until I got older and more mature. Having my own children is when I also realized they were only trying to protect me.

IMG_1209 (4)

The Passover Ceremony: Praying before eating and drinking of the bread and wine, God’s Body and Blood.

My parents felt the drill team would trigger the comeback of my asthma and I would be embarrassed if I couldn’t keep up with the routines. They were not trying to hurt my feelings or trying to be mean, but protecting me with their unconditional love.

Yet I caused my mom so much pain when I ran away, dropping out of school, and getting pregnant. I broke my mother’s heart not realizing what I had done.

As I am now also more mature spiritually, I have now realized the pain I’ve caused my spiritual Parents in heaven as well. Heavenly Father came to this earth in the flesh and played the role of the Son to teach us and set an example that we must follow.

The truth was lost for many generations after Jesus ascended, but God came again to restore the lost truth and let me know the existence of Heavenly Mother. Teaching me love, patience, kindness, and how to live in unity as well as how to go back home; my true home in heaven.

Our physical parents teach us things of this world to help us live a good life, as the same with our spiritual Parents who help us live a godly life. As a parent myself, I see how much love we have for our children, and that a father cannot be called a “Father” without having children. But a father cannot have children without a mother either.

God came down from heaven to search for Their children. Heavenly Father suffered not once, but twice when coming in the flesh. Heavenly Mother, who is in the flesh today is still suffering on this earth, desperately looking for all Their children before we go back home (together).

Chicago Zion (World Mission Society Church of God)

Chicago Zion (World Mission Society Church of God)

God is true love and without God, I do not have true hope. Believing in Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother’s great love and Their promise of eternal life and the protection They give us through the New Covenant Passover, is what I call true faith. Their love for us is infinite and could not compare to any physical desire in this world.

This is what “True Hope,” “True Faith,” and “True Love” means to me!

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