Welcome to new semester from new Chronicle editor

On behalf of myself and the Campus Chronicle staff, welcome to a new year at DMACC! We are looking forward to an eventful year of reporting the latest news. This is my first semester as the Chronicle’s Editor-in-Chief and I’m excited about the possibilities and experiences this year will bring. I’m a second-year student completing my Associates of Arts degree, and next fall I will transfer to pursue a degree in Journalism.

During my time as editor this year, one of my goals is to ensure our work is appealing and hopefully provides you with new information and a fresh perspective.

Students control what goes in the paper, whether by writing the material themselves, or by reading and responding to it. I think that’s the beauty of student media; the unity between staff and audience.

In journalism, the reader’s role is equally as important as the staff’s. If you spot something that needs our attention, we want to know, whether it’s something you believe should be changed or that deserves praise.

Although our personal journeys vary, we’re all experiencing college along with its many joys and difficulties. I encourage you to share your thoughts for two reasons: In the struggle to understand the world around you, it’s vital to recognize the impact you can have and this generation of students represents that movement by speaking up.

Secondly, because of common interests; what you’re seeing and feeling is likely similar to a fellow student, perhaps even someone on staff.

All in all, I want the Chronicle to operate transparently and maintain open lines of communication with our readers because I believe student media exists to represent its audience and their interests, and we can’t do that without you.

Another goal for the Campus Chronicle this year is to develop our online presence. You can find issues of the paper online and news updates on our social media pages, those addresses are printed on the second page of today’s issue.

We plan to regularly update the website with new stories and utilize social media to cover events at DMACC, report breaking news, and receive feedback and new ideas from readers.

We want students and faculty to have access to the Chronicle wherever they are. That said, the print edition is vital to our livelihood, it includes details that aren’t compatible with the online version. You can find paper copies in every building on campus in the blue newsstands.

Our first issue is a “welcome back” edition to help introduce students, new or returning, to as much of DMACC as we can. The transition to college, no matter what, is overwhelming. I hope our work will ease your transition in some way, and wish everyone a great semester!


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