Want to study in London? Applications due Nov. 9

DMACC is the only community college in Iowa which offers study abroad opportunities. Every spring, students have the chance to travel to London for a 10-week stay. The next trip is Feb. 16 through April 13, 2019. Students can gain literature or humanities credits while taking classes and visiting cultural institutions like the Tate Modern Museum or Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.

In order to be eligible, students must already have 12 credits in their degree program completed, provide a letter of recommendation, and submit a deposit with their application. This year’s applications are due on November 9. Program fees include a homestay with a host family, an international student card, transportation card, classes and medical insurance. Students are responsible for airfare, insurance upgrades, passport or visa fees, and DMACC tuition. Financial aid and scholarships are available to help fund the trip.

This year’s study abroad coordinator, Professor Lauren Rice, has taught English for eight years and was a faculty member present on the 2017 trip to London. 

At a recent informational meeting, she told prospective participants about how it’s a life changing trip. She described a student who had never been on a plane nor seen the ocean taking a solitary weekend trip to visit the Canary Islands. Rice also mentioned how some prior students are considering returning to London for their master’s degrees.

Rice also noted that, though London is very safe overall, pickpocketing and theft are still an issue.

She recalled an incident where a previous student had her backpack containing clothes, a laptop, and a passport stolen. Fortunately, the student was able to have the passport replaced at the U.S. Embassy.

Student Elizabeth Kuntz, who went on the 2018 trip, said she gained confidence through the program and knew the city so well she was even giving tourists directions by the end.

“It’s seriously so incredible to be in Europe to study – I read Othello for class, I went to the Globe Theatre where it was really performed hundreds of years ago, and my friend from the program and I went to Cyprus where the story takes place. It’s amazing to ‘live’ what you’re learning about, and Europe is so easy to get around,” Kuntz said in an email interview.

For more information, please visit www.dmacc.edu/studyabroad or contact Lauren Rice at lrrice@dmacc.edu.

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