Video game review: “ArcheAge”

web-arche“World of Warcraft,” “Guild Wars,” and “EVE” are popular Massive Multiplayer Online communities that are played by millions of online players everyday, but a new MMO has taken the stage by storm.

“ArcheAge” was released Sept. 16 in the U.S., after its first release in Korea in 2013. Due to popular demand Trion Worlds Inc. brought the game to the United States and Europe.

“ArcheAge” is notably in a rough, rocky state because of the amount of players since the launch date. However, Trion is doing their best to keep up with bugs and dispensing patches and hotfixes.

The game is quite expensive like many MMORPG’s and certainly can be overwhelming at first. It tends to throw you into an open world environment much quicker than some other games.

Yet, the environment and how the mechanics blend together create a unique experience for every player. One of the key purposes of the game that you will see from the very beginning is no two players are alike.

The vast customization system for your character emphasizes the possibilities that are given to you to create your own one of a kind avatar to help your character stand out from the rest of the crowd.

One of the main focuses on character creation is being able to choose two different skills sets out of 10. You start off with your first right at the beginning, and the second becomes available to you once you reach level five.

Once you hit level ten, you will get to pick a third skillset, but the skillsets are not permanent. In each town there is a skill manager that will allow you to change to a different skillset for the right price.

I would recommend to try and play around with different skillsets to find what suites your preference. These skillsets each branch into their own skill trees, in which you are able to pick and which active or passive moves you would like. You are even able to respect your skill tree without having to worry about losing the previous skill points if you happen to change your mind later.

A major focal point of “Archeage” is the crafting and farming mechanic. You are able to grow your own crops, saplings, and livestock with the expense of labor points. The farming is in real time, meaning that it takes the actual set amount, say two hours, for your farming to take fruition. You can even build with the supplies you acquire along the way, illegal or otherwise.

My favorite aspect to building is being able to create a multitude of ships. Ships allow you to explore the vast sea where dangers lurk; such as pirate players, giant jellyfish, and the legendary kraken.

There are other means of transportation that you are able to craft, like farm carts, in order to carry more supplies and sell the fruits of your labor. This game is so expansive that it doesn’t just stop at creation possibilities; it even implements new aspects that are rare to find in other video games.

One of these aspects is the in game jury system. If a player commits enough crimes or nasty deeds, such as stealing other player’s crops or killing other players, you can become wanted and eventually go to prison if killed in PVP. You are tried by other players, and they are able to see what you are being accused of, and then they can decide whether or not you are guilty, and how much time you will serve.

The creators of “ArcheAge” brought a completely new experience to the MMO platform, and they have noticeably spent a great deal of time in their creations.

They wrote a different story line for each of the four races, created endless character creation possibilities, implemented new aspects to gaming, and they managed to keep their world beautifully designed.

I highly recommend this game to other gamers, beginner and advanced alike.

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