Valentine’s Day a day of Love and Kindess By Drew Brown

People think Valentine’s Day is just a day for companies like Hallmark and flower shops trying to make money.


As a society, we have come to realize that we don’t need to buy things to have a good day. You can make your own card and save some money. Then, when you give your date the card, they will know you put your heart into it and appreciate it much more.


Gifts are always fun to give and receive, but on this holiday there are no judgments on the gifts. You could give the gift of just a card or one rose and your valentine would still be happy with it.


The appreciation is almost guaranteed as long as you are spending the day with them.  You give love to others. You receive love from all. You share love with the ones whom are important to you.


We all wish our Valentine’s Day were just like the movies. Love is everywhere and everybody is good to everyone. There are those unfortunate people that won’t have a Valentine. I myself won’t have one, but I’m going to make the best of it!


You don’t have to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Days. The day is a day to celebrate love. We all share love with our parents and other family members.


In my family we exchange cards to each other, and sometimes a small gift. It’s nothing mushy or lovey-dovey, but just a reminder that we love each other.


We all remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school. No matter who it was, everyone got multiple Valentines and everyone was happy. Maybe I’m mistaken, but in second grade many of us didn’t have a date on Valentine’s Day.


I prefer to buy a cheap movie, sit down with my Valentine or family. I also don’t mind going out and spending some money. My Valentines like when I write them a poem. A short poem I wrote two years ago for my valentine was


Every day is always new

But the skies always remain blue

We may not play games all day

But I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day

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