Use your Higher One card wisely

feesThe first and perhaps most known use of the DMACC One Card is as an identity card.

But as Special Accounts Bookkeeper Julie Ager explains, the card can also be used as a debit card.

“If you have financial aid and you are going to be getting a refund, you chose where you want your refund to go,” Ager said.

If a student wants to use the card as debit, then he or she will have to open a checking account with Higher One.

According to Ager, registering with Higher One takes a lot more time and is sometimes difficult to send all the information.

Higher One requires a government-issued photo ID card, a driver’s licenses, social security card, or any similar official ID to verify the student. 

“If you chose the Higher One option, you would have to send in more information to verify your identity, just because they are strictly an online bank, they can’t see you, so they want to make sure no one is trying to steal your identity,” she said.

However, Ager said, a majority of the students prefer Higher One because they do not already have an account and find the activation process easy. It is also easier for students because they don’t have two accounts to keep track of. 

“Some students like to have their school money separate. It can go either ways. Depends on personal preference,” Ager said.

Ager’s financial advice to students is to always write down expenses and make a budget.

“Keep track of what you are actually spending. It is very easy to over-extend what you think you have,” she said.

Ager also advises students to make a distinction between what one wants and what one actually needs.

“You know there are certain things you need; just try and make sure that it’s going to last you long. You are going to spend money, but leave enough in there so you can have enough for what you need,” she added.

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