‘The Wolves’ brings laughs, drama

Photo courtesy of Krister Strandskov

A lot can hide behind an orange peel smile, as audiences learned from DMACC Ankeny Theatre’s production of “The Wolves.

“The Wolves,” written by Sarah DeLappe, was directed by Brittany Berison and performed by an all-female cast, consisting of nine soccer players, as well as a scene with the “soccer mom.”

It was performed six times over two weeks in April, including an ASL interpreted performance.

The show begins with nine teenage girls, who are all on an indoor soccer team, preparing for their game on a snowy Saturday morning somewhere in suburban America.

Every scene takes place on astroturf and the audience circled around like fans on bleachers at a soccer game.

The team runs out onto the field led by their captain, #25, and form a circle to stretch and warm up.  

In the circle, discussion ensues covering a wide range of topics, such as genocide, immigration policies, menstrual cycles, and one another’s personal lives. Despite the fighting amongst teammates, the only things the Wolves can all bond over is their will to win and love of orange slices.

Though all the characters wear the same uniform and are known to the audience only by the number on their jerseys, each character’s personality quickly comes through and sets them apart from one another.

The distinct personalities create problems within the team. Over the course of the season, each player faces fights, breakdowns, and loss.

Only brief glimpses into the lives of each player are shared, leaving the audience to interpret and piece together each bit of the puzzle.

Ultimately, it is their shared experience of loss that brings the team together for the last game of the season.

The talent of the all-female cast, as well as a plot that kept the audience guessing are what made the show such a success.

The show took place on astroturf, and with such a simple set it could have been a challenge to maintain the attention of the audience. This was not the case with “The Wolves.”

The actresses kept the attention focused on their characters with funny and loud remarks, as well as more startling and heartbreaking moments.

The audience truly felt every emotion the team felt, from the adrenaline after a win, the laughter during warm ups, the tension after a loss, to the pain after the loss of a teammate.

Although this was the last production of the season for the Ankeny Campus Theatre Program, there will be another production this summer, which will be the Summer Short Shakespeare, adapted by Carl Lindberg, in June.

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