The Rec Center is here to fil all your New Year’s resolution needs by Kim Felder

In the beginning of the year, many people try to stay fit. That is one New Year’s resolution that everyone wants to achieve, and many people do not stick with it for long.

What most students don’t know is that DMACC has a recreation center that can help students stay fit and lean with busy schedules. Students with a break can stop in and workout individually or join a cardio class with one of the instructors.

For DMACC students it is free to join and free to use the facility, but students looking for early morning classes are out of luck.

“The morning workout classes don’t work out so well, students don’t respond to the early morning workouts so we have them start a little bit later in the day,” Campus Recreation Coordinator Andrew Nelson said.

“Being fit is very important to me,” Nelson said.  The workout classes that DMACC offers are cardio max, strong and center recovery, balanced core and more, max strength, athletic plyo power.

First year DMACC student, Samantha Ross, 19, from Des Moines, said, “I never use the DMACC recreation center, but I wanted to start taking one of the classes this spring semester,” Ross said. Juggling classes and working is pretty difficult, said Samantha. “I want to live a healthy lifestyle and I try to eat right, but getting to the gym is really hard this semester.”

In addition, the gym offers Craziness, which is a spinoff of Insanity, Nelson said. The course lasts eight weeks and is a very intense group fitness program.

“A few days before spring break a lot of students stop coming to the recreation center,” Nelson said. “We try to keep them encouraged and have them still come and workout and stay fit, so we offer free t-shits at the end of the program.”

Students are allowed free use of the gym except when scheduled fitness classes are happening. Interferences are bound to occur.

In the near future Nelson is hoping that DMACC will build a bigger facility so everyone can carry on with their personal fitness how they see fit.

DMACC also offers sessions with personal trainers. The first two sessions cost $50, then $35 every session after that.



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