The Bistro is an enticing lunch option

bistroBy: Jarrett Quick

For students looking for a lunch solution on campus, look no further than the Bistro, put on by DMACC’s culinary arts program.

The Bistro is located in Building 7 and offers fans of fine dining an opportunity to experience the work of DMACC’s culinary students in an upscale environment.

“It’s always nice when you go somewhere and they put love into their food and don’t just throw it on the plate,” culinary arts student and Bistro worker Kelsi Beeks said.

For others, the reason for being in the program is simple.

For culinary art students like Ashley Beek, working in the Bistro is a requirement for their program, but it’s also also an opportunity to do what they enjoy.

As a student in the Culinary Arts program, prospective chefs must experience the hands-on training the Bistro provides.

“We do a three-week set in the Bistro both semesters, but the second semester you have more freedom with what you can choose to make,” Beeks said.

After the program, students see themselves in careers ranging from baking to microbrewing, so being able to see how a food industry based environment works firsthand is valuable experience.

The menu changes week to week, but the chefs all have their favorite dishes.

“The Berry Duck would be my favorite,” said Culinary Arts student Alec Evans.

“The parmesan veal is good, too,” said Barber.

Each student has a specialized role day to day in the Bistro, giving each student an opportunity to try their hands at the various roles found in a restaurant.

At the time of writing, the Bistro had entrées ranging from Indian style chicken with a curry sauce to Poached trout stuffed with lemon and red pepper mousseline sauce.

The Bistro has an open door policy when possible, but most days the tables fill up quickly, so they always suggest a reservation be made to guarantee a table and a chance to enjoy the fruits of the culinary students work.

The Bistro is $10 for an appetizer, entrée, dessert, and a drink. The Bistro is open Tuesdays through Fridays during the school year for lunch from 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.  and Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 5 to 6:45 p.m. for dinner.

For more information, DMACC’s Iowa Culianry Institute has a webpage at and reservations for the Bistro can be made by calling 515-964-6369.

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