Opinion: Technology in the classroom shouldn’t be ignored

Mike KelseyBy Mike Kelsey.

In today’s world, technology plays a major role in everything we do. Technology is ever-evolving and for it to continue to expand, it is important that our youth have experience using it.

There are many school districts in our nation and around the world that use technology on a daily basis, but many are not as fortunate. It is a long-term feature that may be hard for many to accept, but if technology plays a large role in schools the future for our world will be brighter.

The gap of knowledge in students of less fortunate schools compared to schools who have large technology integration is only expanding. This is because of the unlimited options for learning in today’s classroom.

Technology opens many different options for meaningful instruction and engaged learning from teachers and students. Learning can be very fun for students through the use of various applications on tablets, such as an iPad, that students can use to help the learning process. As our world demographics, lives of students, society and many other factors change, the need of different instructional strategies also needs to change.

As a student, what I was taught will not be near as effective for a student in today’s world. This is the main reason for technology integration to be on the forefront of educational importance.

For those of you who think that technology will only distract the classroom, you would be surprised at how it can be managed in class. Teachers play an active role in monitoring the technology for their students.

The use of Facebook, Twitter, blogs and internet can be limited for students and geared towards a specific task.

Students are often excited about using technology, so they follow the rules and guidelines for these various devices and applications.

Kahn Academy is a great resource that has integrated technology into the classroom to help students. Salman Kahn started Kahn Academy in 2006.

The internet program has revolutionized online learning and technology in the classroom. It provides a more interactive way for students to learn subjects such as math, science, economics history and art are offered on the site.

Today’s world needs to find the money for integrating technology into classrooms. Schooling and education is the foundation for success in the world. Specifically, in this case, the success of the future.

Technology is not going away and we need students to be able to keep up with expansion of technology, otherwise the education of the students will fall short.

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