Super Bowl Preview

The Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb.12 will feature two number-one-seeded teams from NFC and AFC conferences in the NFL playing each other: The Kansas City Chiefs and The Philadelphia Eagles. These teams tied for the best record in the league during the regular season at 14-3, so this game will certainly be an indicator of who the best team was this season. 

The head coach of the Chiefs Andy Reid will be coaching against the team he got his NFL career established. He was the coach of the Eagles from 1999 to 2012, which was before he took over as the Chiefs’ head coach in 2013.  

This game also features a brother versus brother matchup for the first time in NFL history. Travis Kelce is the younger brother, a tight end playing for the Chiefs, and Jason Kelce is the older brother and center playing for the Eagles. His older brother Jason also had Andy Reid as a head coach for the first two years of his playing career in the NFL.  

This game will have two potential MVP quarterbacks dueling it out for the Lombardi Trophy: Patrick Mahomes for the Chiefs and Jalen Hurts for the Eagles. Both guys have been excellent in their teams’ run for a championship, but one of them will have to lose. 

The Eagles are currently two-point favorites to beat the Chiefs according to Caesars Sportsbook, but that could change up until the big game. Both teams have very explosive offenses and I feel like it will be a high-scoring affair.  

Just because the Eagles are the favorite and deservedly so, stomping the New York Giants and San Fransico 49ers to get to this point, does not mean they will win the game.  

Patrick Mahomes had a legacy-defining game last week, finally beating the Cincinnati Bengals by a score of 23-20, which up until that point has beaten him three consecutive times in the last two seasons. He also did it with a high ankle sprain, which is tough to play through. 

Mahomes also has another legacy-defining game in this Super Bowl matchup. If he loses, his record in the Super Bowl will be 1-2, a mark he certainly does not want to hit. This is Jalen Hurts’ first Super Bowl appearance, so, either way, his legacy will not be tarnished yet.  

My prediction is the Chiefs will find a way to win this game in the 4th quarter, on the last drive of the game and they will win 35-34 in a narrow win over the Eagles. 

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