Study abroad group soon to leave for two months in London

The London Eye

On February 6, 17 DMACC students will start their journey on the study abroad trip to London, along with DMACC Professor Lauren Rice.

These students are going to be taking a 10-week course of humanity and literature classes taught by Rice.

The 10-week semester consists of two weeks here at the Ankeny campus and then eight weeks at the University of London in England. The students will be experiencing a whole new culture and all new experiences all while receiving their DMACC education.

Professor Rice has been teaching English for 11 years, including full time at Newton since 2011.

“It’s been a really fun, challenging experience for me, designing the classes for this really new environment and kind of a strange schedule, all of those things,” Rice said.

Because these students will be in a new country, the schedule of classes can be very tricky.

Some days, instead of class, they might go visit a museum, historical buildings, or examine specific artifacts.

Rice, along with several other DMACC professors, applied to attend this trip and she got accepted.

“I love to travel, and … I am kind of getting paid to travel, which is great,” Rice said.

“I really want to go to the British Museum, it’s like the first museum. They’ve got everything. I love artifacts and civilization, so I am really looking forward to that,” Rice said.

Connor Simanski, a Liberal Arts major, is one of the students attending the trip to London.

“I wanted to sign up because I realized how huge of an opportunity this was. I would never be able to go on a trip like this, for this long and this inexpensive in the future. So I figured I might as well take advantage of the situation and go,” said Simanski.

With the excitement rising as the dates get closer Simanski is ready to start his journey.

“I am definitely most excited for the experience in general to be able to live in such a different area and culture for two months. The people I’ll meet, different customs I’ll experience, all that is going to be fantastic to see. Plus, the drinking age is only 18, so, turn up,” said Simanski.

For DMACC students who are interested in attending the study abroad trip to London next spring, now is the time to start saving up. Scholarships will be available to apply for before the deadline of the trip in November. For more information, contact Maria Cochran, Eden Pearson, or Lauren Rice.

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