Students react to being back on campus

“I think that everyone should wear a mask just out of respect for everyone else because it’s protecting others from your germs.
I think that, out of respect for everyone, we don’t know what’s going on in their lives or what they have to deal with, or what medical things they have going on so I think it’s just a respect thing.” -Josie Sawhill, Human Service Major

“It is so exciting to see new faces and being able to meet people and interact with them which we can do last year so I’m super grateful for it.
I’m not going to wear a mask, unless it is required by the law to wear a mask. And that’s just my personal convictions on that, because I don’t think that Coronavirus is something that we should be obsessing over.” -Kara Gorham, Liberal Arts Major

“I probably should [wear a mask] since my little sister has breathing problems. She’s pretty much on life support because of her breathing problems. So, if I got COVID and I passed it to her she could probably die, so I probably should be, but I don’t. Because it’s also a lazy factor.
I feel like I’ve gotten used to doing this virtually. So I’m kind of unsure of, if I’ll be able to focus the same. I feel like, yes, some people learn better virtually compared to person to person now.” – Berkeley, General Education Major

“It’s really nice getting to come back in, meet new students, meet the new teachers. I’m new to DMACC, so being in this kind of campus environment again of course being after a year and a half of, like, virtual school.
My preferences is that it’s their choice, so if they feel like they need to mask or want a mask, they should, they should wear it. But people who don’t want to wear it, and got the shot, I feel like they should feel free not to wear it if they don’t want to.” – Devin Shook, Nursing Major

“It’s awesome (being back on campus). I’m really excited to be in person and to be on DMACC’s campus. I haven’t been in school in a year and a half, like physically in a classroom, so it’s just super exciting to see people.
Personally I don’t wear a mask on campus, I would if like my professor recommended it or other people didn’t feel safe, but personally, I’m not too worried. I’m not scared of the virus.” – Heather Cerkekter

“Personally, I do believe wearing a mask is quite important because, due to pandemic, you have [to put] protection first.
If you didn’t wear a mask at all and then once you [test] positive for COVID, then you can’t help if you didn’t protect yourself in the first place. It’s important for me.” – Parker, Liberal Arts Major

“The sense of community is a big part of it; it makes me feel more responsible for my homework, if I have other peers that are doing it.
I was feeling sick like last week and I was wearing my mask. I’m also fully vaccinated, so I don’t really wear a mask a lot. I do work in a profession where my, I work in a pharmacy, and so I always had to have my mask on at work. So I’m kind of more of a person that doesn’t like wearing masks when I don’t have to.” – Michaela Barker, Language Arts

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