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“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”, “Upside Down”,  and More by Samantha Watsabaugh

If you’re like me, your Netflix queue consists of very few movies and TV shows that you love to watch over and over again. Many of my favorites are more popular such as Supernatural, American Horror Story, and Stranger Things. I have very few that may not be as popular or those who I think don’t get enough credit.   Those are the ones I’ll be sharing today.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”: This quirky comedy is about a young woman who was rescued from a doomsday cult. Once rescued, she decides to live in New York City and has to adapt to today’s world that she thought ended fifteen years ago. She shares an apartment with a gay, wannabe Broadway star, Titus and gets a job as a nanny for “out-of-touch socialite,” Jacqueline Voorhees. This is a Netflix original with two seasons with ten episodes each. This series is bound to make you giggle, with one of the writers being famous comedian, Tina Fey.

“The Upside Down”: This sci-fi movie stars Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst. The movie is about a man (Adam) and a woman (Eden) from parallel universes who fall in love. Their planets are in “dual gravity” and mirror each other. These two planets are at war, the Up Top being higher class while the Down Below lives in poverty. The only activity the two worlds are allowed to have with each other is through the company TransWorld. The two both work for TransWorld and after losing connection finally come together again.

“The Fundamental of Caring” is another Netflix Original about Ben (Paul Rudd) who becomes a caregiver after retiring as a writer takes up a job caring for a British boy named Trevor (Craig Roberts). Trevor has Duchenne muscular dystrophy and is very obnoxious and mouthy. Ben, after caring for Trevor for a while, decides what’s best is a road trip. After hounding Trevor’s mother about it for sometime she gives in and the two set off an adventure of a lifetime. Trevor also has a potential love interest when they pick up Dot (Selena Gomez) along the way. This movie will not only make you laugh, but also warm your heart as these strangers who may not get along at first become family.

“Blackfish, “The Following” and  “The Ranch” by Bailey Brooker

“Blackfish” – Starring: Tilikum (Killer Whale) – This in depth look at Seaworld and other attractions that keep killer whales in captivity is a well done documentary that brings to light a lot of facts that Seaworld and other companies try to sweep under the rug. I used to love Seaworld but this documentary made me rethink my opinion.

“The Following” – Starring: Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, Shawn Ashmore – Crime mysteries are some of my favorite shows. I have grown up watching all kinds of crime dramas and television shows. “The Following” did not disappoint. Kevin Bacon, who plays the lead detective, is after a serial killer who seems to always be a few steps ahead of the cops. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and always excited to see the next episode. This is one of those shows you need to binge watch. It is that good.

“The Ranch” – Starring: Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson, Sam Elliott – This Netflix Original is a witty show with lots of one-liners. If you ever watched “That 70’s Show”, it is very similar probably because the two main people in “The Ranch” are from “That 70’s Show.” Kutcher and Masterson play brothers of a rancher out in Colorado. It follows their day to day life, including dating, family problems, and work on the ranch. I put this series on when I want to watch something light and need a good laugh.


“Shadowhunters and  “The Fosters” by Emily Kuebler

“Shadowhunters” (2016): This fantasy series, available on Hulu, is based off the series of books “The Mortal Instruments” written by Cassandra Clare. The TV spinoff focuses on Clary Flray, a teenager who’s discovered she comes from a long line of angel blood, called Shadowhunters, who hunt demons. After her mother goes missing, she’s thrust into this new world of vampires, werewolves, demons, and fairies to try and find her mom and save the Downworld. Adventure ensues, along with plenty of friendship, heartbreak, humor, and romance. Catch up before season two air on Freeform January 2, 2017.

“The Fosters” (2013): This Freeform drama focuses on a blended family as they make their way through the ups and downs of life. The main character, Callie Jacob, and her little brother, Jude, are both kids who have circled the foster system their whole life, until they’re eventually taken in by Lena and Stef Foster. Lena and Stef are the moms of two other biracial adopted kids and one biological son. “The Fosters” shines a light on not only the struggles of high school, families, and relationships, but also the LGBTQ+ community, the foster system, and racism.

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