Stem Club OfficersQ: What does STEM stand for in your name?
A: “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.”
Q: Since this club just started up what goals does this group have moving forward?
A: “We are trying to catch the attention of other students so we can pass the torch and also we are looking for new people because we don’t want to have the club come to a dead end we want student leaders to help on staff as well”.
Q: When do you guys meet?
A: “We meet every other week on Fridays and we also e-mail out reminders as well.”
Q: What time do you meet?
A: “1:30-2:30 P.M. in Building 4.”
Q: Is the club program-specific?
A: “Clubs are pretty much open to everyone but we also would like to have the club for the STEM related students to be involved in something as well.”
Q: Who do students contact for more information?
A: “We don’t have anyone as a major person to contact however you can learn more about us on our Facebook page and we also will send out reminders as well.”

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