Spring into delicious salads this Easter season

recipie-pictureBy Avis Allen.

This week’s article has been a difficult one to come up with.  Usually I have many ideas I want to share, but not this time.  So I asked my family what I should do, well they were more boring than me.  Then as I was looking up recipes for our Easter dinner, I found so many fresh spring salads.

Asparagus is the first fresh spring vegetable of the season.  There are many of you out there who say you do not like asparagus.  So, I challenge you to try it again.  Our taste buds change constantly, so if you didn’t like it as a child maybe now you will.  As my youngest child says “It’s all about how you cook it mom.”  I have to agree with her.  I personally love asparagus and Brussels sprouts, but believe you me I have had some that were extremely nasty tasting.  The vegetable itself may not be the greatest to you, but a little olive oil, salt, and pepper can change anything.  If all else fails a little bit of cheese goes a long ways.

Now when I say a little cheese I am not talking Velveeta.  Try some pepper jack, mango fire, blue cheese, feta, or any of your choice.  Get creative with this.  Melt some on your veggies, crumble it, slice, any way you want it.  Some cheeses do not make the greatest sauces and remember when you make a sauce you are adding extra calories too.

I know all of you are getting the grills out and starting the most wonderful season of grilling.  Be adventurous, inventive, and you will get to taste some great tantalizing flavors of your life.  While you are grilling the meat, add some veggies.  Asparagus, brussels sprouts, romaine lettuce, potatoes, peppers, and corn are absolutely wonderful grilled. Please be careful and patient while grilling new foods this spring season and just enjoy food.

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