Spreading The Love On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is meant to be a day of love, to be celebrated with your significant other. For kids it means they get a lot of candy and maybe even get to slip their crush that special Valentine card with a cheesy line.

Valentine’s Day can be fun and romantic but nowadays it is taken too far. It has become a day for judgment instead of love. It has become about posting the cutest gifts on Instagram and Snapchatting pictures of your date to vie for attention. It is a day that you and your significant other go out and spend way too much money on a gift to try and please each other. It is a day where people complain or get upset if their gift was not good enough or enough money was not spent.

None of that is what love is; love is wanting to spend time with your loved

one everyday, it’s about not caring what people think of you and actually spending time with each other and not your distant friends on social media. If you are not treating your loved one special on the other 364 days of the year, you are doing something wrong. There should not be a day specified to be romantic. You should be putting in the effort all year round. Love does not take teddy bears and roses; it takes time and attention.

Valentine’s Day should be like it was when we were kids, it should be about spreading the love to everyone and doing kind and generous things. Instead of spending the day trying to impress that special person, maybe use it to put a smile on a stranger’s face or give back to someone in need. Who knows, maybe you could make the world a better place this Valentine’s Day.

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