Something for everyone on “Lazaretto”

A1P4mqP3h9L._SL1500_The first thing I thought about Jack White’s album when picking it up off the shelf to purchase was, “I wonder why he always looks so pale in his pictures?” Does it have something to do with his name being White? Is it makeup? Perhaps a marketing ploy? There’s no way to solve that mystery I’m afraid. Alas, on to the music!

I have a wide range of genres I enjoy when it comes to music, and a slew of others that I can sometimes tolerate. After listening to Jack White’s sophomore album “Lazaretto,” I’m surprised that I haven’t heard more about it since its release in June because it turned out to be right up my alley. I’ll admit, I never really listened to White’s first band—and his claim to fame—The White Stripes. I also didn’t hear many tunes off of his first album, “Blunderbuss” (2012), with the exception of the one or two songs that made it to radio. I was, however, aware of his rock-n-roll persona, and that alone was enough to give me a sense of excitement going in for my first listen.

White blends many different styles of music: from Garage Rock to a Funky Blues-Reggae to an almost Beatle/Bob Dylan Hybrid style. I can honestly say that “Lazaretto” has an original feel from start to finish. From the beautiful well-timed violin to the rare shredding harmonica, the different well-thought-out instrumental parts on many of these tracks is a testament to Jack White’s vision and song-writing ability.

White’s inspiration for his follow-up album came when he stumbled on some old poetry notebooks from when he was 19. He almost threw the books out but after looking through some of the writings, he decided there was something there. Thus “Lazaretto” was born, according to White’s Wikipedia page.

So if you’re into some good rock with a side of just about everything else, pick yourself up a copy of Jack White’s, “Lazaretto.” There truly is something for everyone on this album.

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