Sink your teeth into the DMACC dental hygiene program By Brandon Greubel

How would you like to get your teeth cleaned for free or cheap?


The graduating students of the dental hygiene program at DMACC need students with dental problems to apply for a free teeth cleaning. Although there are a lot of requirements to meet, it can definitely be beneficial for students who haven’t been to the dentist regularly in a couple of years.


This free cleaning is available so the graduating students of DMACC’s Dental Hygiene program can practice and perform a deep cleaning as a final test in order to be licensed.


The requirements are: All or most of the student’s teeth must be present, and it must have been five years or greater since their last cleaning. If a dental professional has ever said that their teeth need a “deep cleaning” or “periodontal treatment” then they should consider participating in the clinical program.


A student should also consider the cleaning if they’ve ever thought or have been told they have heavy tartar on their teeth, if they have gum bleeding during brushing or flossing, or their gums just look swollen or hurt


This program requires that the student be available to spend a four-hour appointment at the DMACC clinic on March 28 and also be available to travel to Omaha on the weekend of April 27-28 for an all-day commitment for clinical boards.

For this treatment the student must be willing to have a shot of local anesthetic to keep them comfortable.


The student must be in good health and not have several areas of large, untreated decay in their mouth, and finally they would have to be willing to come into the DMACC clinic within the next month for a 15-minute initial assessment to complete your determination of suitability.


The cleanings will take place in Omaha, working with dentists. Some people may think its outrageous to go all the way to Omaha to get this free cleaning, and that it may not pay off after making that trip. However, some of the patients that qualify could easily run up a regular dental bill of $1,500, and they would get that all for free.


The program, which, is student managed, needs to take 21 patients and two people as backups. When they get to Omaha, the board doctors have the final say on who qualifies to get the final work done.


If the student does not qualify for this free teeth cleaning opportunity, there are more options, DMACC Dental Hygiene students still need practice and offer services at half off what a regular dental office might charge.


The students that perform these discounted dental services from spring of their first year, up until spring of their second year, where hopefully they have put in enough time to be ready for a licensing test.

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