Review: The non-traditional planner that will change your life

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If you struggle with ADHD or depression or if you’re a student that is having a hard time juggling simple everyday tasks, run, don’t walk to get this planner. With the turn of all things digital in today’s society, physical copies of any type of book are usually overlooked. 

This planner offers a habit accountability tracker, along with goal setting and the bells and whistles of a traditional planner. Sometimes, it’s best to have a planner separate from your phone or computer because while trying to focus on planning and organization, those devices can pose a distraction threat. The planner comes in multiple colors and multiple designs, but one thing remains the same: it is the champion of all planners. It is the Self Care and Manifestation Planner from Freedom Mastery.

I did the hard work for you. I spent hours trying to find the most efficient journal for cost. While this planner comes with a hefty price tag of $32, no other journal compares. With guided readings and brainstorming questions, this planner forces you to think about barriers we didn’t even realize we have to our goals in everyday life. You may get components of this journal in other books, you won’t find another planner with all of them in one.

It has an hour-by-hour tracker for small habits we sometimes overlook such as skin care routines or extended oral care, so it fits the needs of anyone that has a hard time with daily tasks. With month-by-month and year-by-year trackers for long-term goals, it keeps us goal-oriented and focused, and on the right track to becoming the person we envision for ourselves. Whether you are trying to lose 10 pounds or build a multi-million dollar company, this tracker will help you get in the right mindset.

For some students struggling with mental health barriers, this could be the turning point of their entire education. For those who don’t struggle with these things, tasks such as showering, cleaning, studying, cleaning their car, or eating, come naturally and by habit. This planner will help form these habits for the community that struggles with keeping up.

This planner has quite literally changed my life. It helps me track and go above and beyond my normal everyday auto mode I fall into. It has helped me analyze long-term goals I didn’t think I needed to start working on immediately, and I am now working on every goal, consciously, whether immediate or long-term. My self-care routine has improved drastically and has then helped subdue some anxiety I was facing on an hour-to-hour basis.

Like anything in life, success takes planning and hard work from the individual seeking those successes. While this planner won’t do the work for you, it is an irreplaceable tool in your toolbox for success.

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