Review: Slipknot’s “Slaughterhouse” worth the price

Being treated like an animal has never felt so exhilarating. As Campus Chronicle staff Christy, Joe and I waited in line at The Slaughterhouse in Des Moines we heard constant screams of other participants in the building, and noisy clashes from metal that actors were sporadically throwing around.

This attraction is endorsed by metal band Slipknot, so naturally their music played outside. It emphasized the incoming wave of horror and accentuated the atmosphere with a hint of brutality. On a Thursday night, the line was roughly seven minutes long.

The Slaughterhouse gives a brief skit to introduce the setting to the “new pigs” so they grasp how serious the horror is about to get, then the experience revs up nearly tenfold as you are pushed into the gore-infested house.

Actors with stunning amounts of costume and makeup design are not allowed to touch you, but that doesn’t stop one from coming face-to-face with your horrified eyes. Many attractions of similar nature rely purely on jump scares and flashing lights, however; The Slaughterhouse takes this concept and multiplies it to a point where you will be constantly anxious and awaiting whatever is around the corner.

Speaking of corners, this house is most definitely not for those with claustrophobia, as you will be in dark and very tight rooms with surprises all around you. Actors fly from the ceilings and pop up from the ground, reminding you that no matter where you are, you can be intercepted at any moment.

The Slaughterhouse has a huge budget, and the set design truly shows it. The abundance of many minute details creates the ability to walk through it again and again and notice something new each time.

Animatronics that pop out from the walls look genuine and are sure to give those unaware a spook. Horror influences of all types are included at The Slaughterhouse, from “Resident Evil” vibes to “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” I was quite surprised by the length of the experience as well. The entire walk was nearly twenty-five minutes for those who did not stop for the sights.

Photo courtesy of  The Slaughterhouse

The Slaughterhouse is a nearly constant adrenaline rush even at the very end, where you are greeted with one last special surprise.

I have been to many attractions of this nature, and I can say without a doubt I will not soon forget this one.

The amazing variety of horror, superb acting and set design truly makes this attraction a 10/10.

As the Halloween season ends, I urge those who have nothing to do to spend the somewhat expensive $20 to visit The Slaughterhouse. But don’t come alone, this experience is best when in a group.

I eagerly await next year’s presentation of The Slaughterhouse and see how they could top this masterpiece.

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