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Steve Schott courtesy of Molly Nelson

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Jarrett Quick

Many students on the DMACC campus are unaware of the recently started Video Production program on campus.

“I didn’t know we had any classes on producing film, besides film history,” Liberal Arts student Mackenzie Rothfus said.

The program offers three classes as of last fall, all taught by adjunct instructor Steve Schott.

There are three levels in the program with each level covering more tasks you would do in the field. Everything from using editing software to the wardrobe selection process.

Schott, who has been in the business of video production for 25 years, began his career at a young age. He had been interested in communicating and telling stories, so video production was a good fit.

“I had done a little production work in high school,” Schott said, “But began making training films in the army.”

With his years of experience, Schott has seen the industry change tremendously, and the class reflects the increasingly advanced training that is needed in video production.

“We have gone from film to tape and from bigger formats to electronics,” said Schott.

Even the advent of LED light bulbs has affected the lighting side of producing video.

Along with these technological changes, more and more businesses are in need of people with experience in the field of production.

“TV Stations need people for camerawork and editing. Businesses like Principal Financial and The Blank Park Zoo are putting more video content online for reasons like training and advertising. More and more companies are using video as  medium, ” said Schott.

As of now there are ten students in the program. Schott hopes the program can expand to offer more specific training in other elements of production, such as a dedicated class on cinematography.

“We have a class on After Effects already in place,” said Schott, referring to software in which you can add motion graphics and special effects to video content.

Students in Video Production 1 have to supply their own camera, but the second and third level classes have all projects being done on professional cameras.

Schott, who has been involved in everything from “The Carol Burnett Show” to producing pilots for stations like NBC and CBS, still enjoys what the field of video productionbrings to the table..

“To me as a producer, it’s like putting a puzzle together. You have all the pieces, you just have to figure out how they come together,” said Schott.

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